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It is a fact that technology is now moving faster than a plummeting comet, and luckily we for you dear techies we are right on the comet’s tail. Considering that like the rest of the technically savvy population your iPad is a cannot-do-without and so, eager to keep its users equipped with the latest and the best, we have just released an iOS update for our Yellow Pages app with full iPad support, that will definitely become a must-have. Created specifically for your iPad, your future new best friend just happened to come out right before...Continue reading »

In order to simplify, optimize and speed up your searches. Yellow Pages- Egypt’s favorite directory- is now available on Windows Mobile Phone 8.0 and 8.1 . Previously only available on Windows 8.1 tablet devices and desktops, all that features and more can now fit snugly in the palm of your hand and is made available for you to download from Windows Phone store directly here. Whatever your location; a tap will find the nearby store, restaurant, pharmacy and get directions through interactive maps and routings. Now how smart and convenient...Continue reading »

It’s the most beautiful time of the year! Ramadan 2014 is here! Ramadan is an important event around the world, full of colorful lights and celebration with family and friends. Along with fun, fasting and devotion, it is also an occasion to reaffirm commitment to helping those less fortunate. Anyone can help by donating money, food, clothing and other supplies through charity associations. Reaching out and helping those less fortunate is what Ramadan is all about. Looking for ideas and tips to best celebrate the holy month of Ramadan? Check...Continue reading »

Mobile usage is on the move!  According to CISCO’s Visual Networking Index, Forbes, and a study by Nielson, the global population spends more time on smartphones than traditional PCs.  In fact, smartphones are the main contributor to global mobile traffic and are projected to reach 66% of mobile data traffic by 2018 due to increased usage. A key market is the 18-34 demographic with 80% penetration, and that’s why we’ve made some changes. Simplify, simplify, simply.  Mobile websites need to help users quickly navigate directly to where they want to go in one easy...Continue reading »

According to an analysis that Egypt Yellow Pages did about the usage patterns of mobile applications during the Easter of 2014, Egyptians love to do 7 things: Go to a nice cafe and enjoy an outing with Shisha. Dine in their favourite restaurant that offers lavish food menu. Party in vibrant nightlife. Spend a day use in a nice nearby hotel in Cairo or Sokhna. Visit a themed park. Go to malls. Eat cupcakes! Top Trending Outings in Egypt: The Platform Sequoia Andrea Keif Paul Coffeeshop Company Argela Café Grand Café Tamara Top Trending...Continue reading »

February has arrived soon it will be Valentine Day. Love is in the air. Cupid is dipping his arrow in a sure fire love potion guaranteed to light a fire in its target’s heart. Whether you are recently married or are eyeing a perfect candidate for the job, you must realize that this will be a busy time for the little fellow and a bit of help in your part surely would help secure his/ her aim. Here a few sure-fire options that will do the trick. Although we realize that there is no price on true love we have kept your financial circumstance in mind in our suggestions. Option...Continue reading »

New, small or medium business owners with limited budgets should never commit large amounts of money, while crossing fingers that advertising messages will generate traffic. If these ads don’t achieve the desired results, businesses may face long periods without customers before they can afford additional advertising. So you’re right to be nervous, but that’s where we come in. How does the phrase “Free Advertising” sound to you? That’s right, – the #10 most consulted site in Egypt and the #1 directory...Continue reading »

Yellow Pages has launched 3 new apps aiming at making its service easier to use and accessible to a wide range of users in Egypt. First up, there is a new Yellow Pages iPhone app available on App Store. The app is more than just a re-skin that is iOS 7 compatible, the app user experience is designed to help the users find what they are looking for on the go through a smart single search box where you don’t need to type the location and the app is smart enough to detect your location and show the results near you. The app is practically a directory and a map with over...Continue reading »

While larger businesses have struggled, entrepreneurs are finding ways to grow smaller start-up businesses in Egypt despite unrest. Remarkably, the economic slowdown has empowered young talent to build new start-up businesses throughout Egypt.  This week we want to share 3 reasons why there are more opportunities for new business growth in Egypt than ever before. Reason #1:  Political and social turmoil has created more space for smaller, lesser-known firms to operate in a market once saturated by larger, established firms.  In fact,...Continue reading »

Having traveled to many cities and staying at hotels throughout Europe and Asia, I am not exaggerating when I say that Sunrise Grand Select Arabian Beach Resort is one of the best hotels in the world. Once guests step inside, they are immediately treated like kings or queens. Staff brings cold towels, refreshing cocktail drinks, and check-in forms to guests while sitting in the lobby, instead of standing at a desk! Upon my stay, I told the reception staff it was my anniversary. Staff immediately booked a special romantic dinner at one of the hotel’s 7 restaurants for...Continue reading »