About Us

We at Yellow Media have evolved; we are not just phone directory publisher any more. Backed up with the experience gathered for over a century we created a blog with the intention of keeping you informed on what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Our aim, with this blog, is to become your expert neighborhood search service, an instant provider of information. We want to keep you up to date about the amenities your community has to offer by creating a link between businesses and customers. Your opinions, thoughts, feedback are welcomed and needed because sharing ideas will create a current of exchanges that will keep all channels open, thus being profitable for both the businesses and the customers.

We are moving up to another level, breaking new frontiers and tremendously excited about it. Be sure to bookmark us because we’re on a roll and with your input we are all going places.

About Yellow Media

Based in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd is the official publisher of Yellow Pages and Yellow Media-branded products in Egypt. Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd is the exclusive owner of the Yellow Pages™, Walking Fingers & Design™, YP.eg™, Yellow.com.eg™, Dalili.com.eg™, and Offeratak.com™ trademarks in Egypt, and is supported by over 400 employees and 11 regional offices throughout Egypt.

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