Finally, we are Blogging!

Posted on Dec 9 2013 - 6:35pm by Yellow Media

Yellow Media is Blogging

Like proud parents, we at Yellow Media are thrilled to announce the birth of our latest endeavour: our blog. The original intention for the creation of our blog was that we, at Yellow Media, knowing that now it is more important than ever to meet all the challenges of the industry, needed a powerful communication engine so we could connect people with businesses like we have never done before.

In addition we wanted you to know, what we do now as a company and why we do it. We are not just phone directory publisher any more; we have become your expert neighbourhood search service, an instant provider of information. Our  goal is to help you find out, easily and quickly, what your local amenities have to offer, current events, marketing trends, in short, whatever you need to know. On our site searching has never been easier, it’s is just a click away.

Backed up with an experience dating back to over a century we want to share all that acquired  knowledge with you by initiating an  interaction flowing between, us, neighbourhood businesses and consumers and to do so, what is better than a blog?

We are moving up to another level, breaking new frontiers and tremendously excited about it. Be sure to bookmark us because we’re on a roll and with your input we are all going places.

Happy reading!

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