Go Mobile | Yellow Pages app update is released, now with full iPad support!

Posted on Nov 24 2014 - 3:27pm by Yellow Media

EYP app now with full iPad support!It is a fact that technology is now moving faster than a plummeting comet, and luckily we for you dear techies we are right on the comet’s tail.

Considering that like the rest of the technically savvy population your iPad is a cannot-do-without and so, eager to keep its users equipped with the latest and the best, we have just released an iOS update for our Yellow Pages app with full iPad support, that will definitely become a must-have. Created specifically for your iPad, your future new best friend just happened to come out right before the holiday season when Egypt’s 340,000 iPad users are looking for just the right gift, just the right outfit to wear, just the right pharmacy that carries their favorite brand of toiletries, just the right cafe to meet friends for a bit of cheer and ultimately just the right gym to tone up and shed the results of all that cheer. A wealth of beautifully displayed information will be at the beck and call of your finger tips

This new release is easy to navigate, its improved users interface provides full iPad support that adjusts perfectly to portrait and landscape views and is developed to give the user the best experience ever.

New iOS release provides maximum reach!For the advertisers this is good news indeed, it means the breaking down of barriers, the opening of a new uncharted and far reaching territory. Just imagine all these users that were previously unreachable navigating like mad trying to find what they are seeking; the perfect item, the unusual venue, the provider of needed services, checking out your directory, admiring your display ads and discovering that your business is just what they were looking for.

Now we know you’re interested, salivating a little maybe. If you are not in possession of our app or this release, click here to download or update or if you have already experienced it let us know your feedback at mobile@Yellow.com.eg, we do value your opinion for it is the fire that keeps us wanting to reach for the impossible.

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