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Online advertising is one of the most cost-effective strategies for businesses to communicate brand messages, products and services.  Not only does it cost less than traditional advertising, it is a faster and more accessible way to reach customers anytime, anywhere.  This week we want share the top 10 reasons why your business should advertise online. Cost Savings: Pay no additional costs associated with printing, postage or delivery because online advertising is done electronically. Speed:  Save time and generate faster results...Continue reading »

What does SOUP mean and what will this do for our business? This week we want to introduce the latest trend in high level selling and reasons why you should try it. The most important part of our business is to listen to clients and do what’s right for them. So, how do we put our clients first? It’s simple… try SOUP! S: Sales in which we consult potential advertisers not just sit there and sell them whatever we can. O: By consulting clients, we are able to understand our clients’ exact wants. This allows us to gear ad programs to those wants....Continue reading »

Like proud parents, we at Yellow Media are thrilled to announce the birth of our latest endeavour: our blog. The original intention for the creation of our blog was that we, at Yellow Media, knowing that now it is more important than ever to meet all the challenges of the industry, needed a powerful communication engine so we could connect people with businesses like we have never done before. In addition we wanted you to know, what we do now as a company and why we do it. We are not just phone directory publisher any more; we have become your expert neighbourhood search...Continue reading »

The Local Search Association- formerly the Yellow Pages Association (YPA)- is the largest trade organization of print, digital, mobile and social media that help local businesses get found and selected by ready-to-buy consumers. Association members include U.S. and international Yellow Pages companies, search engines, online listings and review sites, digital advertising agencies and mobile search providers. The Association has members in 29 countries. ...

We got tons of emails the last couple of months from everywhere, inside and even outside Egypt, asking: Where is your Yellow Pages app for Android? Would the app be ever available? You’re missing the boat, Android-operated models (Samsung, Sony, LG…) make up 40% of the Arab world’s smart phone market and their share is growing everyday! So it is TRUE, we don’t have an app for Android up till now… We know it has been a long time coming but here is the good news: only two more weeks are left and our Android application will be available on the Google...Continue reading »

Cairo, Egypt – November 10, 2013 – Yellow Media, the local search company, has relaunched its daily deals aggregator - - with a new GUI (graphic user interface), better functionality and many deals of it’s own found under “Super Deals”.‘s user base can now browse all of the daily deals in Egypt in one convenient location while also taking advantage of‘s new “Super Deals” section filled with remarkable discounts, free gifts and more.‘s “Super Deals” are...Continue reading »

Cairo, Egypt – November 1st, 2013 – Yellow Media, the local search company, has launched it’s latest Yellow Pages app for iPhone with loads of new features and functionality. Caught in traffic and need to find a phone number or address? Just heard about a great new restaurant or club and need the phone number or address? Tap your new Yellow Pages app and connect with whatever it is you are looking for. Generally, the app features new popular categories on the welcome page that delivers results based on locations nearest the user, while searching by any category...Continue reading »