Start-Up| A Rise in Entrepreneurship in Egypt Despite Unrest

Posted on Jan 12 2014 - 3:45pm by Yellow Media

Entrepreneurship in EgyptWhile larger businesses have struggled, entrepreneurs are finding ways to grow smaller start-up businesses in Egypt despite unrest.

Remarkably, the economic slowdown has empowered young talent to build new start-up businesses throughout Egypt.  This week we want to share 3 reasons why there are more opportunities for new business growth in Egypt than ever before.

Reason #1:  Political and social turmoil has created more space for smaller, lesser-known firms to operate in a market once saturated by larger, established firms.  In fact, Egypt reported growth of 9,000 new start-up firms in 2013, the most since the country announced statistics on start-up businesses since 2004.

Reason #2:  Bloomberg added Egypt attracts more entrepreneurs today than it did before the Revolution!  A key factor is that the outcome of the Revolution has encouraged more young Egyptians to fight back and be risk takers.

Reason #3:  Another boost for entrepreneurship in Egypt is that tourism has improved.  Reuters reported a 20% increase in tourism levels in October 2013 and growth is expected.

(via Ahram Online, Bloomberg, Gulf Business, & Reuters)

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